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Do you know your Black Portuguese ancestors? Yes, BLACK Portuguese. Please think about the Portuguese word for Black which is NEGRO. So why were African Americans called a Portuguese or Spanish word? What many African Americans don’t know is that the slave trade started in PORTUGAL/SPAIN which was called in the past by a single country name, Iberia. 


There is even a city in Portugal which was full of BLACK people called Moors who ruled there for close to 700 years. It was even called A-dos-Negros, The Village of the BLACKS. Now the Moors were believers of Islam. They were expelled by the European Visigoths after they ruled Iberia for 700 years. The city was then given to a man named Yahia Ben Rabbi who was a direct descendent of King David from the Bible. He also gave himself another name, Don Yahyah “el Negro” or Yahyah the Negro. In English that would be Yahya the BLACK!



1. Do you know about Negroland in Africa and the Black Portuguese Jews who migrated there?

2. Did you know a Black Portuguese was the first African American and Portuguese Politician in America?

3. Did you know the first African slaves brought to America in Jamestown were a part of the booty captured by pirates from Portuguese/Spanish slave ship going to Mexico?

4. Do you know there were Black Portuguese also found living in the Congo, Angola, and the Caribbeans

5. Did you know about the Black Portuguese family traditions with surnames living in NC, SC, TN, GA and other places in America?


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  1. Hello I am very interested in learning my history. One of my cousins did his DNA on African Ancestry and found he was connected to Ibo on his mother’s side and The Bamileke People on his father’s side which is my Uncle. Do you have any information on these people.

    1. Shalom! What two great tribes to be connected. We are actually connected to Igbo tribe and provide assistance to them. We will try to post more information based upon your requests. Do you have any specific questions you would like for us to ask them? Also would you be interested in attending a workshop to discuss or like to ask them some questions? Please let us know what interests and suggestions you have to help your research. Blessings

      1. Shalom, I have heard that the Igbo were decedents of the ancient Israelites. I have seen where the Bamileke People were in the area where some of the tribe of Judah may have been and wondered if there was a connection or if these people were connected to any of the tribes of Israel. I would like information on your workshop to see if this is feasible for me.

        1. Please look at the last post about Nigerian Igbo Jews. We will continue to post more information about Igbo Israelites, Cameroon Israelites and other tribes. We will also have how they are connected to African Americans. The workshop would be discussing these types of traditions, resources to find more information, how to connect them to your family, look at migration patterns, talk to some of our family from these tribes, and also take time to document some of these resources for our other family members can find their connection as well worldwide. Blessings

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