Deepening Lemba Well. Lemba Solar Generator. Helping “Hope For Children Ministries”.  Paying School Feeds for Lemba Youth. Sending Clothes and Other Materials to Families in Need.


Business Directory Listing for Erverh Members and Goods. Web App for Classifieds for Help Wanted and Halp Needed. Conferences to help Young Adult Transitions. Local Food Security for Elderly, Youth and Families in Need.


Feast Days Celebrations. Online Library of Books and Resources About Our Erverh Culture. Music Listing of different Everh Musicians across the Globe. Website to Show Highlights of different Erverh Tribes and Groups Culture around the World. Cultural and Mission Trips with Lemba Tribe and other Erverh Destinations.


Youth Quiz Bowl Contest. Youth Historical Learning Online Curriculum. Children Book Creation and Recommendations. Youth Fellowships and Events.

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