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We were able to accomplish great things with your help. We are now trying to help with more projects with your love and continual giving! Hallelu-Yah! If you would like to become a Voluntary Pledge Partner, please go to PayPal. Any monthly pledge greater than $25 or annual pledge /one time donation greater than of […]


The Lemba are not only blood line descendants of the Biblical Levites, but they also live as Levites in helping their community even for their neighbors who may not be Lemba. They provide food, clothing, school fees for children and do a lot of good things as we are told to as the Kingdom of […]


Then there was light! The power through the creation of light started the world. What better way to empower our Lemba family than to give them the power of the sun to produce energy for their families and homes. Many of the times our Lemba family loses power based upon the current status for electricity. […]


How do you know if you are an Erverh for sure? Would you like to know to what tribe you are connected? What about doing some DNA testing and research? Need help? Well this is a project for you! We are looking for ways to help our family scattered worldwide to understand their family history […]