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Mathias De Sousa

Mathias De Sousa – First Portuguese in the US, First African American & Portuguese who voted and served on the General Assembly The Portuguese American Journal recognize Mathias De Sousa as the first recorded Portuguese in the US who “set foot on American soil.” The article also states, “He is on record as having been the […]

Nigerian Igbo Jews

  From: The Igbo-Hebrew (Excerpts from “Finding Gad…” and “Omenana…”) By Rabbi Yehudah “Tochukwu” ben Shomeyr “When the Missionaries came to Nigeria to evangelize, they were dumbfounded to discover that the Igbo People practised many Hebraic/Jewish customs which they could not have learned from anyone else, it had to come from ancient practice of their people from antiquity; for they […]

Black Portuguese Ancestry

Do you know your Black Portuguese ancestors? Yes, BLACK Portuguese. Please think about the Portuguese word for Black which is NEGRO. So why were African Americans called a Portuguese or Spanish word? What many African Americans don’t know is that the slave trade started in PORTUGAL/SPAIN which was called in the past by a single […]