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Find Your Own Personal Erverh Family Ancestry


How do you know if you are an Erverh for sure? Would you like to know to what tribe you are connected? What about doing some DNA testing and research? Need help?

Well this is a project for you! We are looking for ways to help our family scattered worldwide to understand their family history which has been robbed from us due to the slave trade. We want to have workshops and ways to show you how to connect with you family down the street or overseas.

This will consist of professional researchers, historians, DNA discounts, self-pace videos, tours to the motherland with our Erverh tribes, and more especially designed for our Erverh family! If you have experience with genealogy or know resources who could help please contact us at Also if you just think this is a good idea, let us hear from you too! We will also need donations to make the events possible.